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Whether you're joining, renewing, upgrading or signing up for a gift membership, your support of the NRA is greatly appreciated. We're the only firewall standing between your firearm freedoms and those who would take them away, but we couldn't do it without you.

Liberal groups outnumber and outspend the NRA, and control most forms of media, from news organizations to entertainment to book publishers, a combination that is bad news for the Second Amendment and for gun owners. Even so, the NRA has been the most successful group at preventing or reversing firearm legislation. This is because of the strength, commitment and solidarity of NRA members. With each new membership NRA grows even stronger.

Recent events including the George Zimmerman trial and Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, have brought about hundreds of new gun control measures at Federal, State and Local government levels. Some of these have been enacted already, and many more are well on the way. If you own a firearm and want the right to keep it, and to bear it, then...