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Who We Are

We are NRA members, NRA volunteers, NRA supporters, Friends of NRA, NRA Recruiters, avid sportsmen and marksmen, conservationists, constitutional protecters, and political activists. While we are authorized to represent the National Rifle Association in certain limited capacities, this website is NOT approved by, sponsored by, or directly affiliated with the NRA.

Website Design and Format

This site was designed with mobile and touchscreen devices in mind, such as cell phones with web browsing, notebook computers, and of course, any web-connected pc and laptop. The very narrow fixed width helps to limit the amount of zooming required by users. If you have trouble viewing and navigating in your web browser, please send us an e-mail and tell us about it.

Our Rating System

Our ratings on NRA activities, programs, resources, and websites, constitute our opionions on how involvement in the NRA might help you reach certain of your goals. Also, they help us to sort and organize our content on the site. Because these are our opinions, you may disagree with our assessments. While we regret this to some extent, we reserve the right to express our opinions under Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press.

Gun Show NRA Recruiting

We attend numerous gun shows and other special events in Florida and the Southeastern United States. We enjoy meeting existing NRA members and explaining the benefits of getting more involved in the numerous programs NRA has to offer. And of course, we love doing the same for new and prospective NRA members, too. If you know of any show without a Professional NRA Recruiter present, use our Contact page (above link) to tell us about it, so that we can try to fix that situation.

Because of the First Amendment, we can blog about the Second Amendment. Because of the Second Amendment, we can enjoy ALL of the others!