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Quickly navigate the top-rated NRA activities, programs, websites, member benefits and more. Sorted by our exclusive ratings, and grouped by the various goals you might have in mind. Many activities are for both members and non-members alike. Click to see how these things can help you:

Gain Skill or Knowledge:

  Training courses, books, magazines, clubs, educational materials, and activities that help you to build knowledge or skill in marksmanship, hunting, gunsmithing, and more...


Build Social Networks:

  Social Networking has been around for thousands of years! Get out and meet people the old-fashioned way. Lots of activities for NRA members and non-members, too. Or, just make online contacts. It's your choice...


Ensure Personal Security:

  Improve your ability to defend yourself, your home and family. Protect life, property, and assets. Protect your right to do so. Includes training resources, activities, and programs worth looking into...


Protect the Constitution:

  See the ways you can help to defend the Second Amendment - and other important rights, through participation in NRA programs and activities, and even direct involvement in the political process...


Save Money:

  NRA membership can easily pay for itself many time over! Explore all of the member benefits, and the massive database of exclusive discounts. Also, find resources to help buyers, sellers, and collectors to get the most for their money.


Find Business Opportunity:

  Learn about NRA Business partnerships, directories, and advertising. And of course, professional training, certification, and resources, from the world's foremost authorities.


Help the NRA:

  How can you help, too? Take a look at the many ways to assist in building an active and strong membership, and an effective organization. Some activities have a bigger impact than others, and many require very little time, effort or money...


Help My Community:

  See how Friends of NRA and other charitable programs benefit your neighborhood and community. Search for volunteer opportunities. Learn about the many ways to donate time or money, while having a ton of fun at the same time.


Non-NRA Members Welcome:

  Not everything in the world of NRA requires membership. Here are some good examples of things where members and non-members are welcome to participate, and a few where membership might be recommended.

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