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NRA Activities and Resources

Many NRA activities are funded by the generosity of members and non-members alike. You may donate directly help any of these efforts, and you decide exactly what the monies will be used for. Of course, you may also make donations to the NRA general fund. Some donations are tax-deductible and some not.


NRA Heritage Society:

  The NRA Heritage Society is an exclusive group of donors who have demonstrated their commitment to the NRA through estate planning. That is, the NRA is included in their will or trust....


NRA Charter Member:

  NRA Charter Members are donors who become members of special NRA donor societies according to size of their donations. Think of these societies as membership levels above Life and Super...


NRA Civil Rights Fund:

  This program provides legal assistance for certain legal actions involving second amendment rights, especially where those rights are being denied by local, state, and federal government...


NRA Education and Training Programs:

  This Fund helps provide resources for education, training, and certification programs across the United States....


NRA Eddie Eagle Program:

  This is a gun safety program for school-aged children. Programs can be found in nearly every state and locality in the U.S. You may donate directly to the program, or indirectly through...


NRA Competitive Shooting Fund:

  These programs help to fund competitive shooting events around the country. There about 10,000 such tournaments annually. Without generous donations, many of these events could not happen....


NRA Freedom Action Foundation:

  This foundation funds efforts to educate and motivate voters. It strives to reach across political boundaries and provide Second Amendment education to all....


Donate Items to Friends of NRA:

  Friends of NRA Banquets typically have charitable auctions and raffles of various kinds, with many items part of an "annual inventory" of acquired or donated items. But they also...


NRA Donation Super Life Member:

  NRA Super-Life memberships are levels just above Life Member, and are characterized by one-time cash donations, and include Patron, Benefactor, and Endowment levels. Currently, members must...

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