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Popular NRA Books and Firearm References

Available in the NRA Store catalog and online, here are some essential firearm books for your personnal library. While we like to promote activites that get you out of the house, it's also good to feed your brain with rich knowledge like this. A rainy day activity, perhaps. Our ratings work like book reviews here.


Concealed Carry and Home Defense Book:

  Read this book befoe you begin to carry a firearm or if you want to protect you and your family at home. The training you receive as part of a conceal-carry class is not usually sufficient....


Self-Defense Laws of the 50 States Book:

  Planning which state you want to retire in? You had better read this book first! Certain states have laws favoring criminals over those who would defend themselves agains them. Make sure...


NRA Firearms Sourcebook:

  The NRA Firearms Sourcebook is a wealth of detailed, technical information on most firearms ever made. This is a valuable resource for dealers, collectors, traders, gunsmiths, and trivia...


NRA Traveler's Guide to Firearm Laws in the 50 States.:

  Just about everyone who owns, carries, or transports a weapon must have this guide to travel within the 50 United States. Available in the online NRA Store....


The Courage to be Free, by Charleton Heston:

  The Courage to be Free is an inspirational work by Charleton Heston, which is a must-read for anyone wanting to preserve traditional American values. Available in the online NRA Store...


Blue Book of Gun Values:

  The Blue Book of Gun Values is in it's 34th edition. It's the No. 1 source of information on firearm resale values, which means it's a must-have for dealers, collectors, and traders....


The Ultimate Survival Manual: 333 Skills That Will Get You Out Alive:

  The Ultimate Survival Manual is an awesome new addition to the NRA Store. Includes 333 Skills you may need, in wilderness, disaster, and urban settings. Available in the online NRA Store....


The NRA Firearms Record Book for Collectors and Traders:

  For collectors and traders, use the NRA Firearms Record Book to track the purchase and sale (or other disposition) of firearms. Good recordkeeping is essential. Available in the online...

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