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NRA Member Benefits

See the stuff you get, such as ID card, shooter's cap, decal, choice of several monthly magazines, specialized group insurance, hundreds of discounts nationwide, non-stop Second Amendment protection, email alerts, NRA Visa card, and custom checks. See our ratings on these things, too.


NRA E-Mail Alerts:

  NRA Members can opt-in for email news alerts. These provide you with up-to-date information on critical issues and developments in the fight to preserve your Second Amendment rights. Other...


NRA Second Amendment Protection:

  The NRA and its members work tirelessly to protect the right of all Americans to lawfully keep and bear arms. This means keeping them out of the hands of criminals, and keeping the choice...


NRA Member Monthly Magazine:

  NRA Members can choose from 3 monthly magazines. American Rifleman is the most popular, followed by American Hunter, and America's First Freedom. Also, youths may receive NRA Insights....


NRA Endorsed Life, Health, and Accident Insurance:

  NRA optional insurance coverages are very unique, with inclusions where most policies would have exclusions. How about Travel, Medical, Disaster, and Political Evacuation Assistance? Of...


NRA Endorsed Property and Liability Insurance:

  NRA Members are automatically eligible for $2,500 in firearms insurance. You can also elect additional coverage as needed, such as for dealers and collectors. Check your current homeowner,...


NRA Member Visa Card:

  NRA Members may apply for a First National Bank of Omaha NRA Visa card. With a very cool logo, you can make a strong statement every time you use your card. Also, you can now design your...


NRA Member Checks:

  Choose from several cool designs. Also available are address labels, a leather NRA check book cover, custom NRA Expense Tracker. While these optional items are at extra cost to you, prices...


NRA Member Discounts:

  As an NRA Member, you can take advantage of thousands of special discounts from businesses all over the U.S. who support the NRA. Carry your Member ID Card at all times, and check the list...


NRA Member Shooter's Cap:

  This cap comes free to new members. See the NRA Store catalog for dozens of other great NRA logo caps (additional expense). Non-Members can buy from the NRA Store, too. The large block...


NRA Member Decals:

  Members get two decals. One with adhesive on the back, for bumper or anywhere else, and another for mounting inside a glass window. See the NRA Store for lots more cool decals....


The NRA Member ID Card:

  In addition to showing-off this cool ID card to all of your friends, the NRA Member ID Card is a record of your NRA Member ID Number, which you may need when contacting NRA Customer Service,...

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