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NRA National School Shield Program

The National School Shield Program was proposed by the NRA as one solution to current shortcomings in school security around the U.S. The program is in a very early stage, and it is still unclear how NRA members will be able to participate. But, because we get so many inquiries from new and existing NRA members, we will put out our BEST GUESS on how the NRA will be involved as the program progresses.

NRA L.E.D. (Law Enforcement Division) might develop new standards and training programs for SROs (School Resource Officers) to carry weapons. They already train-the-trainers for law enforcement around the U.S., and administer the Eddie Eagle gun safety program in thousands of schools.

NRA Instructors could gain additional training and certifications to become Certified SRO Trainers and Certified SRO Training Counselors, in much the same way they function today in other instructional areas.

NRA-ILA might help to eliminate political barriers that could prevent adoption or acceptance of the new program in certain states or localities. Grassroots Volunteers would certainly assist here.

NRA Members would be called on to donate to new funds that would finance the NRA-related activities, and possibly, to directly assist schools in implementing the program. Also, many new opportunities would be available for trained School Resource Officers in your local community.

Please watch your NRA magazines, newsletters, and e-mail alerts for more information. We will track the progress of the program, too, and will keep our site updated with the new NRA Member activities. Use the link below to sign up for the NRA School Shield Newsletter.

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