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NRA Life Member

NRA Life Membership is an option chosen by those people who want to support the NRA at a higher commitment level, with a one-time membership of $1,500.00. Some people could see it as a way of saving money, since they know that they would renew each year anyway for 20 or more years. Also there is a convenience factor - pay once and you're done. Optionally, there is the "Easy Pay Life" plan, where you pay quarterly until paid in full.

There is a special prestige associated with being A Life NRA Member, including special logos, clothing, decals, and many other available items, and recognition by the NRA and by other members. Also, member insurance benefits are twice that of annual members. Current NRA members who pay annual dues may become Life Members any time they like.

Our Ratings (0 to 10)

  Gain Skill or Knowledge   6
  Build Social Networks   8
  Ensure Personal Security   6
  Protect the Constitution   8
  Save Money   7
  Find Business Opportunity   5
  Help the NRA   8
  Help My Community   6
  Non-NRA Members Welcome   10

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