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Friends of NRA Banquets

Attend a Friends of NRA banquet and help the NRA Foundation do important charitable work in your local community, and in your state. Imagine your company Christmas party is being held in a casino! Yes, it's really that much fun. Check with your local Friends of NRA Committee to get particulars on your local event, such as normal dress code, open or cash bar, live auction, etc, and of course to buy tickets.

There can be several banquets near you in a given year, so go to several to meet even more great people. Also, check for sheduled events in other states and localities before you travel, so you can expand your social networks nationwide.

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  Gain Skill or Knowledge   2
  Build Social Networks   9
  Ensure Personal Security   4
  Protect the Constitution   5
  Save Money   2
  Find Business Opportunity   6
  Help the NRA   7
  Help My Community   10
  Non-NRA Members Welcome   10

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